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“I'll Never Give Up My Dreams or My Drumsticks”
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Original Drummer for Little Richard
a set of drunsticks and drums

“...'AWOPBOPALOOBOPAWOPBAMBOOM!' The song, mocking not only white forms of communication, but even the singer himself, speaks volumes for the un-self-conscious free expression of the call-and-response. But [Little Richard's] shout, heard 'round the world, was also based on a rhythm by his New Orleans drummer Charles Connor, and was thus an African-rooted talking-drum battle cry in a literal sense” (p 9).

excerpt above from:

Coleman, Rick. “A Different Drummer.” Blue Monday: Fats Domino and the Lost Dawn of Rock 'n' Roll. Cambridge: De Capo Press, 2006.

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Charles playing drums in
Soccer Nike Sparq Training commerial

Charles playing drums in Soccer Nike Sparq Training commerial
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Bradley Quick interviews Charles Connor, author of Don't Give Up Your Dreams



Follow Charles on Twitter @ccdrummerman "The Los Angeles Grammy Museum has included the book "Sticks 'N' Skins" which features Charles Connor, and 500 other drummers. Connor's autograph can be seen on page 156."




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Charles Connor on Swoop's World Online Radio.
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Louisiana Music Hall of Fame
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In November 2010, Charles Connor was inducted into the prestigious Louisiana Music Hall of Fame. He joins a list of other illustrious honorees including: Little Richard, Louis Armstrong, Fats Domino, and Jerry Lee Lewis.

NEW Book!!! from Charles Connor

Praise for "Don't Give Up Your Dreams: You Can Be A Winner, Too!":

"An inspiring, helpful book in which Louisiana Hall Of Fame drummer Charles Connor offers "Connor Sense", or practical advice on how to overcome adversity and live a balanced life."

- Al Kasha, two-time Academy Award-winning Best Song composer, for the 1973 no. 1 hit, "The Morning After", sung by Maureen McGovern from the film "The Poseidon Adventure", and 1975's "We May Never Love Like This Again", also sung by McGovern, from the film, "The Towering Inferno." In addition, Kasha has written for Elvis Presley, Aretha Franklin, Neil Diamond, Jackie Wilson, Helen Reddy, The Four Tops, Bobby Darin, and Petula Clark.

Don't Give Up Your Dreams
Encouragement from Legendary Entertainer

If a person is sufficiently self-motivated, they can upgrade their circumstances.
They can empower themselves to bigger and better things.     ---Charles Connor

Charles Connors' Book
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LOS ANGELES - In his motivational new book written with J. T. Crane, Don't Give Up Your Dreams:  You can be a Winner, Too! (published by AuthorHouse), legendary entertainer Charles Connor combines his career and life experiences with a positive, uplifting message that will inspire readers to change for the better.

Each chapter of Don't Give Up Your Dreams provides a dose of what the author calls “Connor Sense”; practical advice to those seeking to improve themselves, live a balanced life, and have quality relationships. Connor details his childhood in New Orleans and his career as an entertainer, teacher, and mentor. “Whether it's staying focused, becoming a leader, remaining humble or conquering anger, it's coming from one who's been there, done that,” he explains.

Although Don't Give Up Your Dreams is certainly intended to help guide readers toward a more fulfilling life, Connor stresses that it's not just another inspirational tome:

Certainly, this book can be classified under the category of “Self-Help”. But, I would for it to be considered more than just that. It's also about self-empowerment, personal growth, tapping into one's inner resources, unblocking creativity and developing our potential to its fullest. In other words, striving to become the very best and most accomplished person that we can possibly be. Then, we can attain the best that life has to offer us.
Connor claims that belief in oneself starts with a positive mental attitude. “Talent goes to waste without the proper attitude,” he writes. He also warns against cynicism, writing that it is toxic to the soul and results in a negative attitude. Cynics can never be happy, he asserts, because they question all goodness and sincerity and find it lacking.

Charles Connor is a renaissance man and has worked in the music and film industries for decades. He was the original drummer for Little Richard and has worked with numerous artists including James Brown, Sam Cooke, Jackie Wilson, Lloyd Price, and the Original Coasters. He has appeared in movies and done voice-over work. Connor also works as a teacher, mentor, public speaker, and is a devoted family man. His basic message is that anyone, regardless of his or her age or circumstance, can change for the better.

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